Fishing the Provo

This last weekend I spent some time with a client on the Provo river shooting some fly fishing. We thought  it was going to be a stormy day, but turned out to be a beautiful morning. I have had a shot floating around in my head for a while that I wanted to try, and this was the perfect morning for it. We arrived well before sunrise and needed to catch a fish before the sun came up. The fish were cooperating and the light was perfect. Whoops, was that my pocketwizard that just fell into the river. Yea, but lucky for me I had a backup and the show must go on. Well turns out we scored some fish, got the shot and when I got home I put a hair dryer to the pocketwizard, dried it out and it works like a charm. So win win all across the board.

Jason neal, Fishing the Provo River


December 09 Powder spread

Last season I worked really hard to come up with some unique angles and night photography. This shot was taken at Brighton Ski resort on one of the coldest nights of all last year. The flashes had trouble most of the night because of the cold, but we were still coming out with amazing shots. This is one of Athlete Jeff Campbell that Powder Magazine is running in their December issue. Hats off to Jeff  for Multiple jumps into the dark.


Jeff Campbell, Bighton Ut

Fall Wall Ride


carston oliver on wall ride

A few months ago Athlete Carson Oliver and I  sculpted a already perfect rock feature into a wall ride. This one location had provided multiple A+ photos and as long as the gears in my head keep turning there are probably a dozen more to come from it. We had shot this photo before, but decided to use a flash to light things up this time. Many times you can get  multiple  shots that are different from the same location by just changing the lighting. Waiting for dusk and throwing a flash in the mix changed this shot dramatically.

St. George dawn patrol

I spent last weekend down in St George  with my good friends Kevin Brower and Shaun Moyes scouting for locations to shoot and also to ride  some very well built freeride trails. Our second night down there we found a great section of trail with 2 inches of fine powder dirt that I knew would be perfect for a low light shot that we could use strobes to light up. We woke up the next morning at some crazy hour and made our way to the trail. I really  tried to focus on lighting the dust from behind the biker to bring out the cloud he was making. Timing was difficult because it was so dark, but after a few tries and completely covering my equipment with fine powder dust we started to get some good results. This shot was done by using two flashes. One behind the biker with a soft box to illuminate the dust and one from strait on to light the biker. here is one of my favorites from the shoot.

In this photo Kevin Brower


Kevin Brower, St George Ut


Desert Ghosts

I have always been fascinated with Hoodoos. The Deserts of southern Utah have created many sizes, shapes and colors of hoodoos, and not one looks alike. I have wanted to shoot this group of strange formations for many years now and finally made time for it this summer. After a canyoneering trip with some friends, I decided to extend my stay in southern Utah and take some time to do some landscape work. Although I don’t shoot a lot of landscape I have been finding it more and more interesting and plan on devoting more time to it in the future. After a good nights rest and a early hike in the dark to this location, I couldn’t help but notice that I was all alone and the silence of the morning was ringing in my ears. These formations  have formed over thousands, or even millions of years as a result of erosion between the different layers of earth. the bottom is made up of a almost pure white sand while the tops are made of a dark conglomerate rock.  Each Hoodoo has it’s own personality and seems to be alive. Some of these formations reach up into the sky 30 to 40 feet tall. Truly amazing site and some of the most odd erosion of earth I have ever seen.


Oh skiers don’t think I forgot about you. The Desert has a funny way of reminding me about skiing. Although I was on a mission to photograph Hoodoos i couldn’t help but look at this and think “if it were only snow”. The patterns in this Dirt is amazing and really contributes to the photograph.


If anyone is interested in prints I am going to do a run of prints from this hoodoo shoot. Let me know if you are interested.

Wind River Range

I have heard about the Wind River range for some time now and have always wanted to photograph it. Last thursday my friend Jason west called at 9:00pm and invited me to go the next morning at 8:00am. It really didn’t matter that I had such little time to pack because I was finally going to see this place. So with some late night packing and a quick run to the store I was ready. Our group decided that we were going to climb pingora, one of the more popular peaks to climb in the Cirque of the Towers. I have not really climbed for the last two years because of a broken shoulder, but felt this was as good of time as any to start again. So loading up my camping gear, camera gear and some of the divided climbing gear I was well over my weight capacity for my backpack. I always say I will go light, but that never happens when taking camera gear. The hike in was long, but beautiful. We didn’t get into the Cirque until after dark and pitched our tents in some random boulder field. The next morning WOW!! I really think that the Cirque of the Towers could be one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. If you like high alpine settings, you need to be here. A view from our camp

Hiking up to Pingora the view just gets better and better. You are able to see the entire valley and many of the hidden lakes.

The word Pingora is a Shoshoni term meaning high, rocky and inaccessible peak. This photo dose not do it justice.


Heading to the base of the climb.

After not climbing for a few years it felt very satisfying to stand on the top of Pingora. The arms were felling good  and we had a view to die for.

All down from here.

The next morning Matt rink and Jason west going through all the gear.

I am always amazed by the beauty of our planet. The Wind River Range is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I am so glad that people had the wisdom  to create wilderness areas and keep them wild and pure.

Canyoneering through Neon

This last weekend I was able to spend some time down in Southern Utah. Although Escalante is one of the most remote and desolate places in Utah, it is also one of the most beautiful. I was given the invite to join some friends on a canyoneering trip to do Neon canyon which is in the Egypt area of Escalante. I have wanted to do this canyon ever since I got into canyoneering. This slot canyon has multiple raps and a lot of swimming through ice cold water even though it might be over 100 degrees up on the mesa. The climax and exit to this canyon is rappelling through the celling of a 80 foot high golden cathedral. By far one of the most aesthetic slot canyon I have ever seen. we spent two days down in Escalante and my only mistake was taking twice as much camera gear as needed for the four mile hike in.

Nick getting into the first slot.

Dose it look cold? It took my breath away.

Peter on the final rap into the pool.

Nick on the final rap.

Spending time in these remote places and being able to photograph them has been one of the best gifts I could have. Take the time to get out there and capture the wonders of our planet.

Lizard Skins photo shoot with David Clinger

This week I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Lizard skins and their newest athlete David Clinger. Lizard Skins is a local Utah company that specializes in Bike accessories. They have mostly made product for mountain bikes, but have just started to make some really nice  handlebar tape for road bikes. With the launch of there new product they have added David Clinger as one of there athletes. David at first glance might seem a little intimidating, but is very soft spoken and a genuine nice guy. He is well know in pro cycling not only because of his strength, but because of his New Zealand Maori warrior-like tattoo on his face. And if  you ask me I thought it was magnificent looking. Although David is currently having it removed, he has focused his thoughts on returning to biking and proving himself in the National circuit. Here are a few photos from the shoot and Good luck David!!

finding an old friend

Nick vandine

Nick vandine

For what ever reason it sucks to lose photos. Last year I did a shoot at I street with the talented Nick VanDine. An amazing rider and friend. I am not sure where the photos ended up, but it wasn’t on my hard drive. I had emailed him some photos when I had first uploaded them and I think those emails are the only copies. His Brother Chris sent this one over to me today. It was Like seeing an old friend.

ski utah photo contest

teven lloyd photography I just found out that I have taken first place in the snowboard pro division of Ski Utah’s 2009 photo contest. It’s kind of Ironic because this is the only snowboard photo I have taken in the last five or six years. The photo is of Ash Christensen killing it on a spine up country lane. One of the best days of the year last season.

Ash on spine

Ash on spine