Haro Eric Porter add

Last summer I had found a slab of rock that made for a perfect wall ride. It took quite a bit of work to remove a few tons of rock from the landing, but after a few days of work and some sore hands we  had it ready. We Did multiple shoots throughout the summer. Towards the fall I asked Pro Mountain biker Eric Porter to come out and session it. Lucky for me Haro had just made him his own pro model bike. They were looking for a photo for an add and this was just the right spot. It had snowed a little the night before, but nothing that a few of us couldn’t clear in a few minutes. This is an angle that I had tried to shoot before and had never nailed it. I had been shooting with Pocketwizards new Mini and TTl system and had not worked all the kinks out, but with a few adjustments we got everything firing right and as the sun started to set it turned to magic. The rock is near vertical and it is quite the commitment to go all the way up. Props to Eric who came with his game face and Killed it when he probably should have been home with his pregnant wife who was due at any time.

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