Bike magazine cover June 2010

There is nothing more rewarding in photography than to see your photo get published, (except maybe getting paid for it.) I can still remember the excitement of the first photo I ever had published. It was a small 1/4 page picture In Couloir Magazine. It was a skiing photo of a trip my friends and I did to Mt. Timpanogos well before I knew how to ski or take photos. But somehow I had made a submission and it was published. I had no Idea, but one of my friends called me on the phone and said ” Dude, you have a picture in Couloir”. I was so excited! I scrambled to find a copy of it. I went to every store I could think of to try and find a copy, but no one had one. Only subscription holders had received them. Finally I got my hands on one and I felt like I was on top of the world , if only for a moment. Years later and after hundreds of photos published I still get that feeling every now and then. Today I had that feeling that I felt that first day. I am fortunate enough to have landed the cover of Bike Magazine’s cover for June 2010. Bike Magazine is one of the most recognized bike mags in the world and I feel honored to have my photo representing their magazine. Special thanks to Jon Huntsman for lending me his talent and hitting Hollywood 20 times for this shot.

Jon Huntsman, I street.

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