JT Holmes backfip

One of my all time favorite shots is this one of JT Holmes. I had gone out with Julian carr, Drew Stoeckline and JT to shoot this air. I had already taken photos of Julian and Drew and they had both been taken vertical. I didn’t want my third shot to look the same. This cliff Drop was about 160 feet and I really didn’t want to cut off the bottom of the cliff or landing and i was having a hard time convincing myself to shoot this horizontally. I didn’t think it would look as good, but I went for it anyway. To my astonishment this shot came out amazing. Who knew,but I liked this angle the best out of all the angles I had shot that cliff from. This was a great lesson to me. Shooting both vertical and horizontal can change the way the photo looks dramatically. Take the time to try and shoot both views and see how it can change your shot.

JT Holmes, Alta, UT

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