Telemark Skier Cover

I dropped by Wasatch Touring yesterday to have my boots worked on and while I was walking by the magazine rack I saw this. When I first got into ski photography I didn’t really know anyone and didn’t have any athletes to shoot. I had Meet a amazing skier named Jason West that was interested in shooting with me and so our journey began. Jason has photographed with me since the start of my photographic career and knows me better than anyone. He and I have toured many mountain ranges all over the world, Seen many sunrises on top of the wasatch and he saved my life in an avalanche. He  has become one of my best friends and I can’t think of any telemark skier  that deserves a cover more than he dose. You would never know that jason steps up to the plate like he dose when it comes to hucking cliffs. while He is humble and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he will send it bigger than anyone. We have had many photos published through the years and we always tease each other that we are slacking because he hasn’t got a cover yet. Well, We have reached our goal and I look forward to many more days of shooting with you Jason. Congratulations!

Jason west, silverfork


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