Powder Magazine 2009 photo annual

I just picked up a copy of Powder Magazines 2009 photo annual. I was blown away by some of the photography in there. I think it is one of the best photo annuals ever put together by Powder. I have always wanted to be apart of Powders photo annual ever since I started taking ski photo and although I have had many photos run in powder I have never had photos in the annual. Well this is one goal that I am so proud to accomplish. This year I have two full pages in Powders photo annual and Couldn’t be more happy. Both shots are ones I worked really hard on and planned through the year. The photo of Shaun Raskin has to be one of the most creative shots I have done. I had done that shot before in the day, but when I thought about doing it with flashes, well I knew it would be difficult. Timing the shot as she skied by was hard and the cold conditions of that morning made all the flashes and pocket wizards not want to fire every time. But for her one shot everything came together and It was perfect. The other shot with Forrest Coots and myself was just plain fun. I have rappelled of that cliff many times to shoot different angles. One time while shooting a test shot I took a photo of myself. Later while editing I looked at the shot and thought it would be fun to have me and the skier in the frame at the same time. Thanks to my sponsor Mammut, I was able to get a a good anchor set up and secure myself with harness and rope to be right on the edge of the cliff. The skiers were actually hucking off the cliff about 10 to 15 feet above my head. It was hard to keep my eyes open for the shot because so much snow was falling into my eyes. Besides the cold of just sitting on the edge of the cliff for hours it was one of the most exciteing photos I have ever taken.  I really have to thank some of my sponsors for helping me with these shots. Mike and Dean at Mammut and David at Pocket Wizard. I couldn’t have done these shots with out your help. Thanks!

shaun Rasking Killing it at 4:30 in the am.

Shaun Raskin Alta, Ut

Forrest sending it and me Loving every minute of this photo shoot.

forrest coots and steve LLoyd Brighton Ut.


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