Skiing Photo Annual2009

It is every photographers dream to be a part of the photo annual. Where the best photographs from the year are placed in front of readers eye and the collective talent of  multiple  photographers  amaze even the most seasoned pro. I just picked up a copy of Skiing magazine’s 2009 photo annual and was stoked to see three of my photos used. One of my most difficult shots to capture  was the blue Icefall shot of Brayden Brassey. This photo was a idea that spawned from a shot I did in Chile last summer while shooting in a train tunnel filled with Ice Columbus. I started planning this shot when I left Chile, but did not know where I would find a ice fall that we could do it off of. I knew of a few formations in salt lake, but to get to them would be very difficult. I knew about the one at Alta, but it only forms cretin years. One day before Devils Castle opened for the season I skied by the base of this formation and to my amazement it was there. Not only  was it there, but formed better that I had ever seen it in years past. Now the difficult part, lighting! I knew that I could light it from behind, but the problem was with lighting the skier without washing out the cold blue color of the ice. With the flash setup I was using you could only get one pop of the flash per huck. Not only that, but I had to time it perfectly to get him in the right spot in the air. To top it off the takeoff was almost impossible for the skiers to leave without catching their skis on tree branches. With the help of some brave athletes ( Jason west, Jeff campbell, Kevin Brower, Forrest coots, and Brayden Bassey) we got it done. Thanks guys for hucking even thought you didn’t get a published shot.

Make sure to vote for my icefall shot to be shot of the year


Brayden Brassey, Alta Ut

Jason west sending it big at Brighton.

jason west Brighton Ut

Jesse Hall barley making it into the frame.


jesse hall Alta Ut





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