St. George dawn patrol

I spent last weekend down in St George  with my good friends Kevin Brower and Shaun Moyes scouting for locations to shoot and also to ride  some very well built freeride trails. Our second night down there we found a great section of trail with 2 inches of fine powder dirt that I knew would be perfect for a low light shot that we could use strobes to light up. We woke up the next morning at some crazy hour and made our way to the trail. I really  tried to focus on lighting the dust from behind the biker to bring out the cloud he was making. Timing was difficult because it was so dark, but after a few tries and completely covering my equipment with fine powder dust we started to get some good results. This shot was done by using two flashes. One behind the biker with a soft box to illuminate the dust and one from strait on to light the biker. here is one of my favorites from the shoot.

In this photo Kevin Brower


Kevin Brower, St George Ut



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